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IT Certification and Study Centers

In order to help students and professionals who want to further their careers access the best learning facilities and certification opportunities, JOINIT is establishing study centers which also serve as Certification centers for key IT certifications such as Pearson, Microsoft, AWS and Google.

Our study centers are serene environments equipped with state-of-the-art computers and computer accessories, broadband internet and every facility which a young person will need in order to tune out and focus on whatever thing they’re studying.

By partnering with some of the world’s largest certification bodies, our centers located in all the major cities in Cameroon will subsequently act as official license certification centers bringing certification even closer to young Cameroonians.

About us

JOINIT Solutions LLC is an IT Consultancy specialized in bridging the IT Gap by supporting individuals in starting or developing a career in IT and offering advanced IT services that enable organizations and small businesses to transform their operations through innovative IT solutions and leverage our networks to find and recruit top IT talents.

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